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Dense aggregate block manufactured from natural aggregates and Portland cement. Available as 100mm, 140mm standard solid block; 100mm, 140mm paint grade solid block.
Dense aggregate block manufactured from natural aggregates and Portland cement. Available in  dimensions 440 x 215 x 100mm, 140mm or 215mm thickness..
A general-purpose lightweight aggregate block, manufactured from recycled furnace bottom ash, quarry materials, Portland cement and a recycled cement replacement. Available as 100mm, 140mm standard block; 100mm, 140mm paint grade block. These blocks are particularly useful where the weight of block is an issue.
Dense common brick designed to be used for all types of construction above and below dpc level, independently or in conjunction with dense aggregate blocks.
Class B Engineering Brick
Clay Engineering bricks are used for their performance characteristics and are most suited for ground works, manholes and sewers, retaining walls and other situations where strength and resistance to frost attack and water are the most important factor.
The range of modern & traditional clay facing bricks available is extensive. We stock a range of clay facing brick in a variety of faces and colours that are commonly used within Scotland. We also offer a brick matching service. If you require a specific match to existing brickwork provide us with a sample and we'll have it identified and a suitable match suggested.
Specials: cants, squints, cut and bonded angles available to order.
Concrete bricks are produced by compacting a semi-dry concrete mix under high pressure using a combination of selected aggregates, cement and various admixtures along with synthetic pigments to produce a brick with low water absorption and minimal efflorescence. The resultant product is a high density brick with proven durability and frost resistance.
Anstone® concrete stone walling products match many of the natural building stones predominant in Britain. The Buff, Black Old Weathered and Brown Old Weathered are often chosen to complement the Scottish natural stones.
Simple split finish and subtly blended shades which faithfully reproduce the traditional dressed appearance of natural rustic stone and sandstone masonry. Perfect for adding value and visual appeal to any commercial or domestic build. Suitable for external and internal walls, faced retaining walls, extensions, bridges and flood defence.
Lairds Blocks
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Cemex - Cement, Concrete, Aggregates
Velux - Roof Windows, Blinds and SolarThermal
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