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For use on all plastered and rendered corners where a true, sharp corner is required. It's strong rigid arris protects and reinforces plaster where it is most vulnerable.
Also known as Bell Cast Bead it forms and protects the lower edge of external render. Provides a gentle gradient at the base of the render, it is used above doors, windows and at DPC level to allow rainwater to drain clear of the underlying substrate.
Used to provide clean, neat edges at openings or abutments onto other wall surfaces or ceiling finishes. Provides a clean neat edge, they protect and finish plaster and render edges on door and window openings. Plasterstop Beads can also be used at base of wall and ceiling level.
Incorporates a flexible membrane and is used where the underlying substrate changes, or where minor movement in the structure beneath the render is expected. Movement beads can also be used where changes in the render  colour are specified. Movement Bead.
A complete one fix system based on a “sandwich” of layers. The welded wire mesh with a spot crimp is completely covered by the render whilst the  chipboard paper guarantees uniform absorption. The rear stiffening wires make the panel more rigid, assisting handleability.
General plaster reinforcement. Available in 2.5m x 0.7m sheets with 0.4mm material thickness. Maximum fixing centres 300mm.
The welded wire mesh is used to prevent or reduce cracking in walls by bonding the masonry units together and strengthening the parts of the masonry panel where it is installed.
Heavyweight and lightweight restraint straps are designed to meet BS 5268 Part 3 and other building standards for vertical and horizontal restraint when connecting timber floor and roof systems to masonry walls.
Nail Plate Timber Fastener (CP)
Camplates are flat nail plates used to connect two timber members together. The concentric dimples pressed into the plate assist in the location of the nail. The CP is BBA approved. Use 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails.
The A35 anchor features an exclusive bending slot which allows instant and accurate bending on-site. The balanced and completely reversible design of the A35 makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.
DSTC plates provide for enhanced bolt performance in timber. Conforms to BS EN 912: 1999 Annex C.
Fixings in a variety of lengths and types for restraining brickwork, blockwork and stonework. The Staifix range of wall ties includes solutions for all types of masonry construction including traditional brick-to-block, thin-joint blockwork and timber frames.
Timber Joist Hanger with Adjustable Height Strap (JHA)
The industry's favourite solid joist hanger. The JHA can be used in a face fix or wrap-over installation. The location tab and speed prongs make positioning and nailing an absolute breeze.
Masonry Supported Joist Hanger (JHM)
The JHM is the industry standard joist hanger for supporting timber joists, beams and trussed rafters from masonry walls. An inspection slot at the base of the hanger aids uinspection fom the ground. It's top flange provides the widest area of contact with masonry support.
The TCP truss clip attaches girders, trusses and rafters to wall plates to provide wind restraint.
Builders Fixing Band
Builders fixing band is for all general light strapping needs. Perfect for DIY, industrial and agricultural applications. Comes in convenient 10 metre rolls.
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