DPC & Polythene

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DPM Tape

DPM Polythene Tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape with an aggressive adhesive that will adhere to a wide variety of substrates, especially DPM polythene sheeting.

Damp Proof Membrane

Damp Proof membranes are a high quality range of polyethylene damp proof membranes, available in blue or black manufactured from high quality reprocessed low density polyethylene (lDPE) Damp Proof membranes have
successfly prevented moisture penetration from floors for many years.

Damp Proof Course

A damp proof course (DPC) is a barrier through the structure designed to prevent moisture rising  such as through a phenomenon known as rising damp. Rising damp is the effect of water rising from the ground into property. The damp proof course may be horizontal or vertical. A DPC layer is usually laid below all masonry walls, regardless if the wall is a load bearing wall or a partition wall.


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