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Web UV25 Breather Underlay Membrane
(1m x 15m)

Web UV Breather Membrane allows the roof to breathe, water vapour passes through, removing the need for traditional ventilation.


Protect Wunderlay VP400
(1m x 15m)

Protect Wunderlay is a modern lightweight alternative to traditional 1F undertile felt.


5U Eaves Felt
(330mm x 1m)

5U Eaves Felt is the final strip placed at the eaves, hanging down into the gutter. Where Eaves Felt is not used, the roof underlay will quickly degrade or rot, meaning that water is no longer effectively channelled into the gutters.

IKO 1F Reinforced
Undertile Felt (22.5kg)
(1m x 15m)

IKO reinforced slaters' felts are manufactured specifically for use as an underslating beneath tiles or slates in open rafter construction. It can also be used as a vapour retarder in built-up roofing.


IKO Shed Felt
(1m x 10m)

IKO Shed Felt is a traditional bitumen coated roofing felt with a protective and decorative fine mineral finish.

IKO Trade Top
Sheet Green (38kg)
(1m x 10m)

IKO Top Sheet is a heavyweight, green slate surfaced top layer and is ideal for use as the cap sheet to a multi-layer system or a single layer on shed roofs.

IKO Glass APP 2mm Universal Underlay 
(1m x 16m)

IKO Polyester Universal TO Underlay utilises a strong polyester base, coated with APP modified bitumen. Finished with sand on the top and surfaced on the underside with flame dispersible polyethylene. For use as a high performance underlay or as a top layer (where used as a top layer it should be finished with either chippings, promenade tiles or solar reflective paint).

Adesso APP Torch Green Mineral Cap Sheet
(1m x 8m)

Adesso Torch is a range of polyester based, slate surfaced torch-on cap sheets, coated with a high softening point APP modified bitumen coating. The embossed backing helps rapid dispersion of the torching film, making application fast and secure.

Plasprufe Hyload Tanking Membrane 2000SA
(1m x 15m)

Hyload Tanking Membrane 2000SA is suitable for a wide range of general waterproofing applications. Intended for installation where the severity of the ground and other conditions impose high demands upon the integrity and overall performance of the waterproofing system.

Tyvek Housewrap
(1.4m x 100m)

Tyvek® Housewrap can be used in most forms of wall construction and provide excellent protection against external weather conditions whilst allowing water vapour to freely move out of the construction. With the new Tyvek® Enercor® membrane an important reduction on radiant heat losses can be achieved.

Glidevale Protect TF200
(1.35/ 2.7m x 100m)

Protect TF200 is a high performance membrane with high wet strength, water resistance and vapour permeability. TF200 can be used as a water protection membrane in timber frame construction and is available in a range of colours and roll sizes with non-reflective embossed surface.

Glidevale Protect VP400
(1m x 50m)

Protect VP400 is highly vapour permeable, but entirely watertight. VP400 can help to avoid condensation risk in the roof space. Lightweight, uv stable and heat resistant. Tough and durable. Unrestricted use for wind uplift in all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland.

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