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Cupa Heavy 3 

Cupa Heavy 3 has the appearance of a traditional Ballachulish slate in 8-10mm thickness, heavily riven, with a rugged teture. This slate has been used for generations in Northern Spain, where temperatures can vary from +35 degrees in summer to -20 degrees in winter, making it ideally suited to the harsh Scottish climate. Architects have recognised the fact and this is why the Cupa Heavy 3 now cover many of Scotland's new and historic buildings. The slate carries a 100 year quarry and insurance backed guarantee.

Galicia Grade A

Is produced from the same slate deposits as the Heavy3, specifically for the Scottish market at 7-9mm thickness. It has a less rugged texture, but the same durability record as the Heavy3, making it an economical choice. It also conforms to the highest European standards and is subject to the most stringent quality control procedures. This slate carries a 30 year quarry and insurance backed guarantee.

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Rosemary Clay Classic

A range of single and cross-cambered tiles combining the quality of hand-crafted clay with the reliability of modern machine-made techniques. 


Stonewold II

The original flat-profile concrete slate with interlocking edges that make the roof easy to build even at pitches as low as 17.5°. It provides a cost-effective slated roof effect.


Mini Stonewold/ Redland 90 


A flat concrete slate which can be laid at pitches as low as 17.5°, for new build or re-roofing applications. Our most economical concrete slate with interlocking edges for simple construction.

Saxon 10

Replacing our iconic range of thin leading edge slates was never going to be easy, the Richmond, Saxon and Landmark Slates were the first of as new breed of concrete slates when Richmond was launched 25 years ago.


Traditionally shaped, this concrete tile provides a striking, bold effect that can be laid as low as 12.5º. Manufactured with a choice of through coloured or granular finishes to easily blend into both historical and modern environments.

50 Double Roman

A classic interlocking concrete tile with a distinctive Roman profile, boasting a gentle roll and subtle pans. It is available in a wide range of colours to blend harmoniously with any environment and is compatible with a wide range of fittings and accessories.

Cathedral Pantile

Combines the character of a natural clay tile with the performance of a modern interlocking tile, to produce a striking and attractive roof. Precision manufactured using the latest in clay technology, Cathedral is available in two rich colours, Terracotta and Brindle, that will mellow with age.


A double pantile shape is quicker and easier to lay than a single pantile design. However, our Grovebury concrete interlocking tile still retains the traditional, gentle flowing lines of a classic pantile to blend easily and harmoniously into any environment. 

Norfolk Pantile

A classic single pantile shape in a modern interlocking concrete tile, synonymous with the single pantiles of the South East and East Anglia. Available in a range of subtle through coloured and pigmented acrylic finishes.

Arris Hips Clay

Arris Hip Tiles are only available in clay. All Rosemary Classic clay plain tile colours are available. Arris Hip Tiles are not available in Rosemary Craftsman plain tile colours.
Four Rosemary Clay Arris Hip Tiles cover pitches between 35° and 51.5°.
Arris Hip Tiles are only suitable for plan angles of 90°

Bonnet Hips

Bonnet Hip Tiles are available in concrete and clay. All concrete plain tile colours are available except Farmhouse Red, Breckland Brown and Breckland Black. All Rosemary Clay Plain Tile colours are available. Bonnet Hip Tiles are also available in all Heathland plain tile colours.
A single concrete Bonnet Hip tile covers pitches between 35° and 50°.
A single Universal Rosemary Clay Bonnet Hip Tile covers pitches between 35° and 50°.
Bonnet Hip Tiles are only suitable for plan angles of 90°.

Third Round Hip Tiles

Third Round Hip Tiles are available in concrete or clay. Concrete hip tiles are available in various colours to match roof tile.

Universal Angle Hip Tiles.

Universal Angle Hip Tiles are available in various colours to match roof tile.

Half Round Ridge

Half Round Ridge Tiles are available in various colours to match roof tile.

Universal Angle Ridge Tiles

Universal Angle Ridge Tiles are available in various colours to match roof tile.

Cloaked Verge

The Cloaked Verge System provides high resistance to wind uplift, is maintenance-free and provides a neat finish to the verge. The system continues the tiling over the gable end using a one-piece concrete tile. The system is mechanically fixed, eliminating the need for mortar bedding.

Ambi-Dry Verge

The Ambi-Dry Verge System provides a neat, mechanically fixed, mortar-free verge that eliminates the need for an undercloak.

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